A Stride Ahead

Mediterranean Waters in Barcelona, SpainI am young. I am inexperienced. But I am a learner, and I expect those who read this blog to be learners as well. My hope is that the ideas I post, the thoughts I propose and the lessons I relate prove to be of personal benefit to at least one person. If all else but this fails, I feel that my efforts will not have been wasted.

Know that I am learning, know that I am flawed, but also know that I will constantly be pushing forward, ever innovating and always creating. I believe firmly that we as humans were created beautifully in the likeness of God and therefore we, as image-bearers, are to create beauty in turn. Yes, we are to create things of visual beauty like art and things of aural beauty like music. However, I fully believe that there is as much beauty in the functionality of Creation as there is in its aesthetic qualities. Thus, I believe there is beauty in organization, beauty in cooperation, and beauty in productivity. I believe there is beauty in effective leadership, beauty in dedicated teamwork, and yes, even beauty in a well-designed spreadsheet. God has imbued all humanity with astonishing abilities for inspiration and creation, and I believe those who fail to utilize those abilities are missing out on what potentially makes us human more than anything else. So I pray that my words will have beauty due as much to their functionality as to their eloquence. I pray that my words will correct, encourage and inspire those who need it. I pray that my words will resonate as words of truth and as words that glorify my Father.

With Christ as my guide, I will continually seek to remain a stride ahead of the Enemy, a stride ahead of the competition and a stride ahead of normal.

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