4 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Start Your Homegrown Business


Entrepreneurship is “in.” Whether it’s developing the newest app, launching the next big social enterprise or simply starting an innovative laundry service, everyone loves a good underdog story. Take a look at ABC’s entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank, reaching over 8 million people each week and earning its highest ratings of any season yet. Not only students, but people of all ages tend to dream of becoming these men and women who have “made it big” by the power of their own ingenuity.

Dreams, however, are only worth something if they translate into action. Here are four reasons why there will never be a better time for you to launch your homegrown business than today.

1. You already have an idea.

You might have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But more likely, you have at multiple times seen a need and thought to yourself, “Someone should invent that.” Two months later, your battery-powered rotating hot dog skewer is selling for $30 on infomercials and you’re still poor. Think about it. You already have your idea (if not, think harder). You just need to realize it and start taking it seriously.

2. It’s easy to start.

It has never been easier to find distribution channels. eBay. Amazon. Etsy. Airbnb. As long as you’re willing to share some of your revenue (and you’d better be), the world of global digital commerce means that you can sell your product or service anywhere.

3. You have the resources.

Thomas Edison would not know what to do first with all the information available today. Oh, and it’s free. Take a course on Udemy about making trendy rustic art, then sell it on Etsy. Read one of the 10,000 blogs about selling techniques on Amazon and eBay. Research the person or company that you want to look like. It’s all there. You just have to find the boldness to go and get it.

4. You’re going to fail.

Let’s face it. Your iPhone backscratching attachment is (1) going to tank instantly or (2) going to be copied by your roommate, who will make millions and proceed to send you a birthday card written in gold ink each year. You’re going to fail. Again, you are going to fail. You might as well start failing now and save yourself time down the road. The sooner you fail, the sooner you’ll learn and the sooner you can succeed.

What are you waiting for?

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One thought on “4 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Start Your Homegrown Business

  1. Want to be as successful as Walt Disney? As Ethan points out in #4, failing is key. Disney:
    – was fired from a newspaper for being unimaginative.
    – couldn’t pay his rent after establishing his first company that eventually went out of business
    – had his original Oswald the Rabbit character stolen from him
    – was told a large mouse on the screen would terrify women
    – had his 3 Little Pigs concept rejected because others said 3 would not be enough

    Why one mouse would terrify women but multiple pigs would not… well, that stumps me. But, what doesn’t stump me is the wisdom shared by Ethan: get busy failing so you can find your niche.

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